María Teresa Larraín

Award-winning Chilean-Canadian Producer, Director and Writer Maria Teresa Larrain is the head of Maremoto Productions which she founded in 2008. She studied Law and Drama in Chile and immigrated to Canada in 1976. After graduating from the Radio and Television Arts Program at Ryerson University in 1989, she wrote, produced and directed several television documentaries, working as an independent filmmaker both in Chile and Canada. In 2006 and while editing Besieged Land (2007), Maria Teresa started going blind. Between 2011 and 2016 she shot Shadow Girl. She is now working in Bodies in Crisis (currently in post-production), and taking Critical Disabilities Studies at the Toronto Metropolitan University.

During her filmmaking career Maria Teresa has participated in several professional development programs and screenings including, the Sundance Film Institute, Allan King’s Documentary Studio, the Canadian Film Centre, the National Film Board of Canada, The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, and Miradoc in Chile. She is also a member of ADOCS (Association of Chilean Documentarians). 

Teresa Ariztia

Teresa Ariztia became actively involved in the film industry in 2011 by working in Shadow Girl with Maria Teresa Larrain. Since then, she has honed her production, research and distribution skills by participating in various audiovisual projects with social impact including The Inca Prince, directed by Ana María Hurtado; and The Humidity of the Desert, directed by Felipe Arancibia. She has also collaborated in the interactive projects To Walk Alone VR, and the pilot webdoc  Beyond the Shadows, also directed by Maria Teresa Larrain.

In 2020 and while completing her Master degree in Sociology, Social Transformations and Innovation at the University of Barcelona, Teresa started to work as a co-producer and researcher in Bodies in Crisis with Maria Teresa Larrain. She is also working on a research project about inclusive education in Chilean universities.