Maremoto Productions

Maremoto is a production company founded by Chilean-Canadian filmmaker Maria Teresa Larrain in 2008. Our award-winning films have participated in prestigious international film festivals, broadcasted on television and online platforms and screened in commercial and non-commercial venues reaching increasingly diverse audiences worldwide.

Our Vision

Our character driven stories are always set against the backdrop of a social issue which is of interest to us. While our earlier works dealt with issues related to immigration, gender discrimination, and the Arts, our most recent works focus on excluded and/or dissenting identities, among them, people with disabilities, migrants, the LGBTQ+ communities, older generations and First Nations People.

As we continue to develop our skills in pursuit of the highest standards of artistic and technical values, our works also reflect a commitment to social justice and the building of a more humane and diverse society that embraces our differences and includes us All.

Audience Engagement

To meaningfully engage our audiences, we often invite the communities we work with to actively participate in the design and development of the distribution process or assume an active role in the telling of their own stories, thus enhancing their sense of ownership in the project. Examples of these efforts are Besieged Land (2007), Shadow Girl for All (2020-21) and Bodies in Crisis (2021-2024).